July 2 Friday Blog Picks

Hey everyone, it’s late here, so this is going to be a short post. I wanted to give a shout out to some cool blogs I’ve been following this week. After my lucky streak yesterday, I thought I pass it along–hence the brand new WriteOn Award, created by yours truly to honor some marvelous words of wisdom this past week.


Sometimes Nonsense of a YA Writer, Reader and Mom by Rebecca Sutton–Because of her great coverage of the ALA coverage, I went from, “ALA?” to excited to try and make the next one. Loved the detailed descriptions, the pictures and the general explanation of the experience.  

Knight Chills by Nomar Knight. Where else can I get my daily dose of the creeps? Knight does a fantastic job of pulling people into the bizarre and keeping them on the edge until the end. Loved his flash fiction this week–flies are freaky, especially when they won’t leave something hidden alone.

The Write Words by Lindsey Edwards. She allowed me to vicariously vacation with her on a beautiful lake. Not only did I enjoy the scenery and the shared feelings of a fellow writer, but she also has some pretty useful resource links.

Shrinking Violet Promotions: Marketing for Introverts. While I’m not published now, some day I will be. That sounds incredibly vain, but I also know it won’t happen unless I believe it will.  Philosophy aside, this site is a great resource for fellow introverts who would rather hang out in their own imaginary worlds than speak in front a crowd (even if it’s only five people).  They offer, not only marketing tips, but general writing advice.

**If you were mentioned above, please feel free to steal your award picture below.**

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  1. I’m so honored! Thank you so much for this award and sharing it with your followers! I will post this under the awards section on my blog with a link to this post! Thank you again!!

  2. Lindsey, you’re welcome. Glad you shared your writing with me.

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