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Earlier this week a fellow writer shared an editing site called AutoCrit with me. Now I’m hooked. You can sign up for a full subscription, but it also has a free feature where you can submit a chunk of your work and it will scan it for overused words, nasty adverbs and repeated phrases. Because this was such a find I thought I’d share some of my favorite writing sites.

TheNextBigWriter is a site where writers can get together, critique each others’ work and generally chat about writing. It is a paid subscription, but well worth it.

PlotWhisperer offers tips and advice for one of the most important elements of any story, the plot. It also holds December’s PlotWriMo where participants of NaNoWriMo can follow a structured program that helps edits the novel’s plotline.

Once your novel’s complete, QueryTracker is your next stop. This site offers (for free) a place to find agents who are accepting queries, but it also allows you to check out who is more accepting versus more likely to reject. The best feature is the ability to track your own queries, who you’ve sent to and their response.

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  1. great tips koreen! I will soooooo be checking out the AutoCrit site- sounds perfect for me. I think I have a problem with some words- the outcome of this may be horrific!

    thanks again!

  2. Yeah, I think you’ll like AutoCrit, but it made my writing red ;-)

    Another site I forgot to list that’s fun is

    You can look up books and it will give you the reading level, word count and such. Fun to see how many words are in other books.

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