Lawson Writers’ Academy

I’m not sure what happened to July, but it seems that I’ve missed it. August is fully upon us and school starts next week–yikes. I do have a pretty good excuse: I moved. After a year on the market, my house finally sold (for much less than we paid, but sold is sold). And we’ve been settling into a new house.

But I don’t want to yammer on about my house. I wanted to share with everyone a resource. This past week I attended an immersion class with Margie and Tiffany Lawson, a dynamic mother-daughter editing team. It was FABULOUS! I can’t say enough about this workshop. My brain felt like mush after the week, but I learned so much (check out my rewrites). I met some awesome people and actually feel a little bit more like an actual “writer.” Hopefully, this will get me one step closer to publication.

If you are interested in taking a workshop or class with these dynamic people, read on…

Margie is a psychologist/professional editor. She has developed an editing system which allows writers to see into their own patterns and vices. She pushes us to go beyond our clichés and comfort zones to push our writing right to the top of our ability.

Tiffany is an actress turned editor. Her unique background helps writers look beyond what’s on the page. She forces us to work on body language, emotions and cause-effect relationships, resulting in strong, believable worlds full of real people. Tiffany took my writing from blah to a lesson in excitement.

If you want to get your writing published and you’re getting mixed reviews from agents, take a class with Margie or Tiffany Lawson. They are well worth every penny.

Check out the Lawson Writer’s Academy HERE.

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