Ever since I was a kid, I’ve told stories. I told stories because I was bored. I told stories because I thought they were funny. I told stories to blame my brother for the trouble I caused (which I feel bad about now). As a side note, I didn’t push him in the river–that time.

As a military brat, I lived all over the country (Florida, Tennessee, California, Washington, Colorado). And we traveled. Anytime we were bored, my parents threw us in the car and we went exploring (obviously gas prices were much lower when I was a kid). All of which are now foder for my novels.

I found my best friend in middle school. She helped me get through my first dance and my first major crush and she even worked with me at my first job as a waitress in a casino. Fun fact: it’s hard to get a job if you put on your application that you worked at a casino called Blazing Saddles under a boss named John Outlaw and the business was bought out by another company. I swear, it’s totally true!

In high school, I wanted to be a marine biologist. In my spare time, I wrote a novella about a shy girl and the popular guy who discovers he’s in love with her. Hey, I changed the names to protect the guilty. I was proud of that bad boy (around 75 handwritten pages). I put more effort into my fantasy story than any essay my teachers assigned, which probably should’ve tipped me off that I wasn’t destined to be a marine biologist. Side note: the popular guy ended up dying of cancer, but not before professing his love to the shy girl.

I went off to college to be a photographer and ended up an education major. Yes, I would teach teens to love books whether they liked it or not. I also met my husband, a wonderful man who reads all of my work (especially chapter one) more times than I’d like to admit. Thanks honey. If I wasn’t weird enough, we got married at the Colorado Renaissand Festival–in full costume. Crazy, I know.

Picture taken by Kevin Gonzales

Now, I have two kids of my own. I teach high school and hope my students love the books as much as I do (secretly, deep down because they can’t share their love in class).  I’m a move junkie. Give me action. Give me hunkie actors. Give me a twisted plot. And I’m there. I also travel whenever I can. I’m additcted to all things related to the ocean or France (both if I can get it). If I could watch a great movie on the beach in France with a crepe, I’d be in heaven.

I’m also perfectly content with a good book, a cozy fire and a cup of hot chocolate.

Any other questions? Contact me at . Happy reading.



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