The Miracle of Cursed Wishes

When seventeen-year-old Lexi Edwards finds out her best friend, Chance, is a genie, she should be thrilled. The cutest boy she knows is bonded to her, Lexi’s own personal slave. She has unlimited wishes. The world is her oyster, not that any girl in her right mind would eat oysters. Lexi thinks she’s won the lottery, a jackpot the size of her own personal universe. Then her universe collapses. The last words she says to her mom, “I hate you and I wish you were dead,” come true. Humans are supposed to be protected. Her mom wasn’t.

Lexi didn’t know. She couldn’t know. Lexi’s wish turns into a curse. Now, her mom is dead, her dad is missing and a band of djinn are after her. More than puffs of smoke in a designer bottle, djinn can manipulate matter around them in ways a girl like Lexi can’t even imagine, turning the most benign elements into weapons. They’re pissed the humans have taken their world. They want it back. And Lexi has the key that will free them from human control once and for all.

The Miracle of Cursed Wishes follows Lexi and her path to redemption, Chance and his destiny as a soldier, and Kerian and his broken promises. Together, these three teens discover they have power to turn their curses into miracles and save the world from annihilation.

Miracle of Cursed Wishes tied for 1st place in the Heartland RWA’s ‘Show Me the Spark’ contest for 2012 (YA category).


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